The day began with our older group focusing on Chapter 2 in their Story of the World (SOTW, Volume 2; The Middle Ages) class.

Chapter 2 brought history on ‘The Early Days of Britain’ and the children learned about the Celts (pronounced Kelts). Students had the option of making a Celtic double-headed war axe or the Celtic Brooch and Cloak (or both)! Students also had their faces painted blue with swirly patterns, just as the Celts used to do, and re-enacted a Celtic battle. This was especially a favorite among our male students 🙂

Next, came Art (along with Art History) taught by Khadija Daya of Brush & Beak, located in Somerset, NJ. She reviewed the Color Wheel with the students and focused on Sketchbook Manners and Colored Pencil Techniques. The students then practiced the colored pencil techniques and 3D pencil drawing.

And finally, STEM class focused on investigating clouds and the scientific process, along with making clouds in a jar and then making clouds rain in a jar. The children were so excited to participate in the classroom experiments and we heard about many of them continue to experiment as soon as they got home!

(Short Video About Clouds)

(Clouds in a Jar)…/

(Clouds Rain in a Jar)

See the photos of the kids making clouds rain (colors) in a jar.

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